The field of neurology has been primed for a revolution in how new therapies are discovered. We have taken the charge to develop them.

The needs of patients with CNS disorders are devastatingly urgent. Our mission is to help patients by delivering life-altering treatments faster and more effectively than has ever been done before - and to do it again and again.

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The reason we come to work everyday is because of little men like this.

Collin — 4 years old. Suffers from Epilepsy


Praxis Precision Medicines is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company translating insights from genetic epilepsies into the development of therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders characterized by neuronal excitation-inhibition imbalance

What is Praxis?

At Praxis we get things done. Praxis is the process of using a theory or something that you have learned in a practical way. It is a mindset that allows us to simplify the complex and independently define a solution without being restricted by predefined processes.


Each of our programs is based on four key principles that we believe will both increase the probability of success and allow us to efficiently translate insights into high-impact therapies for patients and society:

Focus on therapeutic targets identified through human genetics.
02Translational Tools
Utilize translational tools to validate the potential of our targets and product candidates and potentially provide early proof of biology.
03Efficient & Rigorous
Pursue efficient, rigorous clinical development paths to proof-of-concept in humans.
Apply patient-guided development strategies to deliver on what patients actually need.

Praxis is applying genetic insights to the discovery and development of therapies for rare and more prevalent neurological disorders through our proprietary small molecule platform, Cerebrum™, and antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) platform, Solidus™, using our understanding of shared biological targets and circuits in the brain.



We have attracted a talented team of scientists and researchers in genetics and biology, chemistry and translational medicine as well as business leaders with established track records of successfully executing innovative drug discovery and development programs.

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board


Our mission is to help patients by delivering life-altering treatments faster and more effectively than has ever been done before – and to do it again and again.  We are looking for people who are centered around trust, ownership, curiosity and results.

Company culture is everything

Our culture defines how we work – agnostic to the source of an idea, we work together to find the most practical solutions for patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our sights are set big

We share a common vision of reshaping the human condition into a more freeing and fulfilled existence by developing high impact medicines for patients and families affected by and living with complex brain disorders.


99 High Street, 30th Floor, Boston, MA 02110

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