The field of neurology has been primed for a revolution in how new therapies are discovered. We have taken the charge to develop them.

At Praxis, we aim to reshape the human condition into a more freeing and fulfilled existence by treating complex neurological disorders.


The reason we come to work everyday is because of little men like this.

Collin — 4 years old. Suffers from Epilepsy


Praxis is a clinical-stage genetic neuroscience company that develops high-impact therapies for patients and families affected by complex and debilitating brain disorders

What is Praxis?

At Praxis we get things done. Praxis is the process of using a theory or something that you have learned in a practical way. It is a mindset that allows us to simplify the complex and independently define a solution without being restricted by predefined processes.


The field of neuroscience is at a pivotal stage in its evolution, much like the field of oncology was a decade ago. A confluence of scientific breakthroughs in the context of significant unmet need created conditions that poised that field for explosive advancement – not only in basic research and drug development – but in the transformation of patient care. In a short period of time the impact has been substantial, and the results have altered the course of humanity indefinitely.

The field of neuroscience is at the same nexus that cancer was then. Recognizing the underlying drivers of brain disorders, we are leading the union of genetics, neuroscience, psychiatry, and uniquely efficient clinical development in ways that allow us to unearth new therapies for patients living with brain disorders.

Like with most things in life, timing is critical. Fortunately, the time for genetic neuroscience is now and the future of treating debilitating neuropsychiatric disorders is incredibly bright.

Inspired by breakthroughs in the genetics of epilepsy, focused on rare genetic epilepsies and more common CNS disorders



We are building a team of unrelenting scientists, clinicians, and leaders who have created a practical approach to drug discovery and development for complex brain disorders that will allow us to improve the course of neurologic research and care.

Marcio SouzaChief Executive Officer
Bernard RavinaChief Medical Officer
Steven PetrouChief Scientific Officer
Stuart ChaffeeChief Financial Officer
Nicole SweenyChief Commercial Officer
Karl HansenSenior Vice President of CMC
Alyssa WyantSenior Vice President of Regulatory and Quality
Marion WittmannVice President of Biology
Rosa TarngVice President of Program Management

Scientific Founders

Kiran Reddy, M.D.Co-founder, Praxis Medicines, Member of the Board, Managing Director at Blackstone Lifesciences
David Goldstein, Ph.D.Co-founder, Praxis Medicines, Director of The Institute for Genomic Medicine, and Professor in the Department of Genetics and Development, at Columbia University
Steven Petrou, Ph.D.Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Praxis Medicines, Director of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Head of the Department of the Florey Institute at the University of Melbourne in Australia



We are a values-driven organization focused on our people and centered around integrity, tenacity, intuition and experience.

Company culture is everything

Our culture defines how we work – agnostic to the source of an idea, we work together to find the most practical solutions for patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our sights are set big

We share a common vision of reshaping the human condition into a more freeing and fulfilled existence by developing high impact medicines for patients and families affected by and living with complex brain disorders.


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[ September 17, 2020 ] 

Praxis Precision Medicines Expands Leadership Team to Advance its Pipeline for CNS Disorders
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[ July 28, 2020 ] 

Praxis Precision Medicines Announces $110 Million Financing
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[ June 11, 2020 ] 

Praxis Precision Medicines Promotes Business Leader Stuart Chaffee to Chief Financial Officer
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[ May 04, 2020 ] 

Praxis Precision Medicines Launches with over $100 Million to Advance Pipeline of High Impact Therapies for Brain Disorders
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